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Serxxi Records

Serxxi Records Netlabel

Serxxi Records is a Netlabel of electronic music where you will be able to find artists under licenses Creative Commons. From this project we want to open the door for artists of electronic music of any nature, that they are under these licenses and they want to move their message over the net. We believe in the philosophy of "Do it yourself " and also in Creative Commons's, that's why we want to help to somebody promote those artists and self-educated collectives like us. By means of our web, divulging his music, exchanged links, information, promotional mailings with the aim of coming to the peak of possible places to disclose our music and our Creative Commons's philosophy, all over the world.

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Serxxi Records
by Buben vs. Gintas K
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De nuevo de tierras frias nos llega este proyecto de la mano de Buben vs. Gintas K. Estos conocidos productores nos envian un EP formado por seis temas de techno, hard techno con algunos toques de IDM. Belarus comes to us this draft Buben and Gintas K. These known producers we send a EP formed by six themes of techno, hard techno with some touches of IDM.
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